The Maasai - Black

Known as nomadic warriors, the Maasai belt represents the traveler ethos of "not all those who wander are lost." 

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Handcrafted from natural, fine quality Kenyan pull-up leather the StashBelt is guaranteed to take all the abuse your travels can throw at it and more. 

It's 18-inch zipper pocket is large enough to hold more than $1000 in folded bills - enough to get you out of nearly any jam.

You can also stash keys, jewellery, medication or any other small, precious items you'd rather keep away from sticky fingers.

The StashBelt is the ONLY moneybelt with a built-in data storage solution: a Hidden 4 GB micro USB stick - INCLUDED FREE

Use this to keep scans of key documents like your passport, insurance information, ID...or a selection of your favourite tunes to rock out to while on the road. With our double snap design, you can customize your StashBelt with buckles of your own.

Travel safe. Travel with confidence. Travel with a StashBelt!

COLOR / SIZE SELECTION: Please Add +1 PANTS SIZE when ordering: If you wear 32 pants you're a 34 belt!

All belts are 1.5" wide or 38mm (standard belt width). 

Still wondering? Visit our FAQ page to ensure PROPER SIZING Thanks!

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