Your Stories


We love to hear back from StashBelt owners. Here are a few testimonials from early adopters of our product:  


I purchased my Stashbelt in December of 2011 in preparation for an upcoming trip. I stashed a photocopy of my passport, drivers license, and some emergency cash in my belt and wore it throughout the duration of my travels. I definitely felt safer knowing my goods were secure and hidden. Since returning from my trip, I’ve continued to wear my Stashbelt every day. I find the leather to be extremely soft and strong – my belt still looks brand new and I’ve been wearing it for months!  The interchangeable belt buckle allows me to “dress up” or “dress down” the belt – it can be worn with jeans or in the office. Not to mention, it feels great knowing I’ve helped create sustainable jobs for those in Africa. I’m very pleased with my Stashbelt and I will continue to recommend it to friends. Many thanks to the crew at StashBelt! :)
- Christine, 22, Canada


My StashBelt has paid for itself numerous times. I don't Stash much, just the absolute essentials, and that's all I ever really need. I used to have about 15 hiding places in every bag, pocket and sock. Now I have one Stash, and no worries. Nobody likes seeing a man buy whiskey with his sock money.

- Liam, 28, United Kingdom


I was backpacking through Laos one time when I was robbed at a cyber cafe in Luang Phrabang. Without any cash or cards, I started to panic...until I remembered my StashBelt. I was greatly relieved to find a US $100 bill folded up inside, next to copies of my ID and health insurance. With that Benjamin I managed to get back to Bangkok and a new ATM card. Thanks for being there for me StashBelt!

- Jeff, 28, Canada


I don't go looking for trouble, but it's got a habit of finding me. But it's never found my Stash. Thanks to the StashBelt crew I travel to more fun places and act with virtual impunity, thanks to the confidence of knowing that nobody's going to find what I'm packing. And I won't tell you what I Stash, because I don't have to. That's why it's in my Stash"

- Lee, 24, United Kingdom



 "When you travel with StashBelt, you always travel carefree."