How to size your Belt:

When choosing a belt it's important to know how belts are normally measured and labelled for size.

Our belts are measured from where the belt leather folds at the buckle end to the middle hole at the tip end.

                                                Measure in INCHES to your favourite hole


For Women: We suggest using a fabric tape to measure your waist/hips at the level where you would wear your belt. Consider the style of pants you travel in the most... Let us know that measurement in INCHES  

For Men: It's usually add 2 or 3 Inches to your pant size. This way your belt will fit most comfortably near the centre hole. If you wear a size 30 Jeans, you're a likely size 32 or 34 Belt

The BEST way to ensure a perfect fit is to measure an existing belt.

 Again, correct measurement begins from the place where the buckle connects to the belt (to) the hole you wear it most. The rest of the belt is not considered for measurement purposes.

  •  Lay your old belt flat on a table.
  •  Measure from the buckle bar (do not measure the buckle) to the hole you wear it in
  •  Do not measure the length from end to end. You will not get the accurate size that way.
  • Stasher's ordering the wrong sized belt are responsible for return postage upon exchange.




We'll email you a confirmation of your size *Order 1 Pants size up!*

StashBelt ships from it's distribution hub in Nova Scotia Canada - we've partnered with the fine folks at Summer Street Industries: http://www.summerstreet.ca/ to handle all our shipping and receiving - if your social enterprise needs fulfillment check them out!  


We ship all Canadian orders via Canada Post's Expedited Parcel option - 5 to 7 days business days with a tracking number. (Please bear with us as we clear out the Dragon's Dens backlog! Orders may be slightly delayed - thank you for all the support!)

We ship all US orders via Canada Post's Small Packet USA option - typically 7 to 10 days as well depending on the weather

We have temporarily halted International Orders until further notice - Sorry foreign StashFans - we still love you


Our Leather:

StashBelts are made of 100% genuine pull-up leather, a top-quality material long cherished for its texture, durability and natural beauty. Tanned by the Bata Company in Kenya this is the finest leather East Africa produces, and is drawn from only the top 15% of global hide supply.

This leather is called “pull up” because, when it is pulled on or bent, it changes colour temporarily. This burst of colour has long been recognized as a mark of high quality leather. Our leather ages well, and will gain a natural patina in the course of your travels and adventures.

Our leather is tanned simply, using only oils and waxes. Unlike heavily processed leathers, our pull up retains its natural grain and rugged style. Due to this, our StashBelt may display some pores or scarring, an assurance that you have the real thing.

Like a great pair of jeans, your StashBelt will become more comfortable as you wear it, and it conforms to your body.

Many belts claiming to be “genuine leather” contain as little as 20% leather, and are in fact scraps mixed with plastic or wood fibers…a lot like particle board. Unlike our gentle tanning process, more intensive tanning procedures make the leather brittle and prone to breakage, like synthetic materials.

When you buy a StashBelt, you can rest assured you’re getting the finest quality natural leather, built to last a lifetime.

Free Range, Graze Fed:

Unlike North American cows which endure a monotonous and cramped lifestyle on fenced-in ranges, the cows of East Africa live of life of adventure.

Raised by traditional pastoralist communities such as the famous Maasai warriors, our cows graze across the vast semi-arid plains of lowlands Kenya. These areas flourish with natural vegetation after the seasonal rains, and our cows spend months trekking across thousands of miles to feed on the sweetest grasses.

Our leather come from the Boran cow, an ancient breed indigenous to East Africa. Smaller in stature than European breeds, the Boran is distinguishable by the hump on its neck. The Boran naturally displays a wide variety of skin colours from brown, white, black and tan. Some even have speckled coats flecked with orange.

These cows are highly drought resistant, and have the endurance and stamina walk great distances. For this reason, the Boran is the constant companion and most prized possession of Kenya’s traditional herders, famous around the world for maintaining their age-old traditions.

Love your StashBelt and it will love you back. It could last for decades, and maybe even become an heirloom.

StashBelt is proud to offer a limited lifetime warranty on leather and fixtures.

In the unlikely case that your belt tears or the snaps fail, just send it back to us and we’ll send you a replacement free of charge.



What makes StashBelt a socially-responsible company? 

StashBelt was founded as a vehicle through which to create jobs for Africans, motivated by values of brotherly love and relief. In Kenya the unemployment rate is chronically above 40%, meaning the potential of millions of intelligent and promising young people goes to waste.

When working with StashBelt, aspiring leather artisans apprentice under our chief artisan. This provides young people an opportunity launch a career in a skilled trade, while giving the self-respect and dignity born of accomplishment and success.

StashBelt believe that only well-employed, well-paid Kenyans will be able to lift their country from the oppression of poverty. With the wages they earn making StashBelts, our staff feed their families, pay their children’s school fees, and send money home to needy elders in their rural birthplaces.

A portion of all StashBelt profits are used to make “angel investments” in Kenyan startup business ventures. Africans have lots of good ideas, but rarely the seed capital needed to make them a reality. Through the StashBelt Foundation we pay forward, reinforcing the virtuous cycle of business development in Africa.