About Us

The Stashbelt is the world’s premiere money belt, handmade in Kenya from genuine graze-fed and organic leather.

Besides being an essential for any savvy traveller, Stashbelts are high-quality money belts with a socially responsible twist.

The Stashbelt team believes real development for Kenya and all of Africa will come from trade not aid, pride not pity.

A portion of all profits from the Stashbelt are channeled to the Stashbelt Foundation. This fund has been used to give microfinance loans to Kenyans looking to start businesses and create more jobs.

StashBelt statement of purpose:

Believing that only grassroots wealth creation can raise nations and individuals from the cycle of poverty, StashBelt is pioneering a new model of cooperative development and shared benefit by appealing to the emerging socially responsible values of the 21st century.