Our family is GROWING!

Season's Greetings StashFan!

What a 2015 it has been! From our incredible national exposure on CBC's Dragon's Den (with coast-to-coast coverage here, here and here), we really wanted to extend our thanks to you for making StashBelt the #1 leather money belt for intrepid travelers with a social conscience.

As we look towards 2016, growth is on the horizon. We have increased capacity at the factory in Nairobi and cemented a fulfillment relationship with Summer Street Industries, an organization that provides jobs for Canadians with intellectual disabilities.

We believe the Summer Street partnership brings our social mission full circle and have been thrilled with the results so far.

And now for you, our loyal customer, we are proud to announce the StashBath, StashBag and StashFold. Our first shipment just arrived and they look spectacular!

Order before Dec 18th to arrive by Christmas!

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Earl C Pottinger
Earl C Pottinger

June 15, 2016

Hello, I saw your show the first time you were on Dragon’s Den. I did a web search and found you had a store front in Toronto. That weekend I went to Toronto (over 60 kilometers from where I live) and bought a SlashBelt).

In-fact the guy at the table/counter was short of change but I liked the belt and how you operate that I told him to keep the change.

Your episode is re-running right now, and yjay made think to do another web search, but now your location is shown as Nova Scotia! Great reviews all over the web but not local store fronts I can point my friends to.

Will you be making any changes in the near future?

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