Part 2 - StashBelt does Washington DC!

Hello! And Welcome back to Part 2 of StashBelt does Washington DC!
We left off with our intrepid travellers seeking slumber at the HAMILTON CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL - this is a great spot by the way for people seeking great accommodations - close to just about everything downtown at a reasonable rate.... Big thanks to the Day Manager, Raffi (I believe it was) scored me some color printing "pro bono" just in the nick of time.
Since we were in town on both Business and Pleasure we balanced our days getting in as much sight seeing in as we could during off hours and in the evenings after the convention. I can easily say Washington - even at night is a very safe feeling city. I've been to a lot of big cities where I was on edge after dark, Washington however didn't rub me that way at all. The streets are large and easy to navigate and even in the older parts like Georgetown, we walked freely at night without any troubles. Nevertheless I was happy to have a cool fifty tucked away in my StashBelt should the need arise ;)Once particular night we stopped into The Hamilton for some quick eats and then headed upstairs for some live local folk music by Harris Face - GREAT tunes and  awesome covers + mile high cheese burger sliders made for a great night... check Harris out here:

By day we made our rounds to the various "must see" attractions of the capital (see part 1) mainly via a Double Decker "Big Bus Tour" 

I've used this service before in both London and Liverpool. It's hop on hop off service allows you to see the city, grasp the lay of the land and get shuttled from landmark to landmark far cheaper than taking a number of taxis (sure the underground is even cheaper and more culturally engaging but we were on vacation and LAZY after long days at the convention) plus if you're lucky you'll get a funny tour guide with some off beat local knowledge.

 View from the top of the Tour Bus at the US Capitol Building
Departing from here we arrive at one of the more interesting stops along the way the:
The Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum
If you're looking to get out of the heat for a bit this place holds the largest collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft in the world AND an actual piece of the MOON!
You'll also find the Apollo 11 Command Module, The Spirit of St. Louis , a lunar lander and much more... don't forget to get some astronaut ice cream from the gift shop it's delicious
Technically StashBelt's now landed on the Moon! - Take that inferior Earth based belts!

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