StashBelt does Washington DC! - Part 1

StashBelt Does Washington DC! – Part 1

Gather round Stashfans, today’s blog post is about StashBelt’s recent trip to the USofA’s national capital.

Not to be confused with the state of the same name, Washington DC is actually a district (D.C = District of Columbia) Why complicate things? Well, you can thank the Pennsylvania Mutiny of 1783 for that… but this isn’t a history lesson, so on with the show:

StashBelt’s co-founder and “Chief of Stash” Seth Rozee touched down early May 2014 for a bit of business mixed with pleasure. Thankfully he packed his shorts and sandals because Washington was WAY warmer than the polar vortex he left behind back at Stash HQ.

First stop, the White House


Despite what Will Smith in Independence Day would have you believe the White House has NOT been destroyed by aliens. On the contrary, for Canadians like me, the White House still remains a MUST SEE attraction when visiting the capital city. First timers will be surprised at just how close you can get to this iconic address. You’ll find tones of great photo ops at both the North and South sides of the House, the North getting you much closer… keep in mind you’re amongst hundreds of tourists here and most likely lots of seasoned pick pockets, so pack your StashBelt!


From here you’re just a short walk to the National Mall which is not really a mall but a huge chunk of land smack dab in the middle of the city. The mall houses most of Washington’s most recognisable landmarks and monuments.

We walked to the Washington Monument to catch our bearings. This is a great rally point BTW if you plan on meeting anyone, as you can see it from almost anywhere in the city. Don’t forget to take your obligatory “Godzilla sized - leaning on the monument” photo, standard fair for tourists everywhere. Note, since the earthquake in 2011 the 555 foot tall Washington Monument is actually closed to the public, but it’s supposed to re-open this year. 


Onto the Lincoln Memorial!


Due West of the Washington Monument you’ll find the famous Lincoln memorial reflecting pool. Designed and built in 1922 by Henry Bacon, this historic water feature was the setting for Martin Luther King Jr’s 1963 “I have a dream” speech AKA the pool Forest Gump ran to Jenny in.


At the opposite end of the pool, the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Just a quick side note, to the tour group who asked me why I was photographing my belt, it was a pleasure meeting you all, as promised, use the promo code “save10” for 10% OFF and you too can have a StashBelt of your very own!

The memorial houses a larger than life Lincoln sculpted by Daniel Chester French. Take your time in here to read the walls and really soak up the history. But watch your bags, with over 20 MILLION visitors to the National Mall each year, tight quarters such as this can be a hot bed for stolen wallets.


With sore legs and a busy week ahead of us, these thirty travellers rounded out their day at a local watering hole.Penn Quarter Sports Tavern was our cabbie's pick when we requested cold beers and a sunny patio. We were not disappointed. Just a quick cab ride from The Lincoln Memorial at 639 Indiana Ave NW Penn Quarter offered affordable pub food and local craft brews to tickle any tastebuds.  




Stuffed, we headed back to the hotel and tucked in the for the night. Full of guacamole and great suds our trip was just getting started... stay tuned for Part 2!


Cheers StashFans! 

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